7 Reasons you should consider Boomers for your small busuness

Need an experienced help or new talent to boost your business but don't have the resources or desire to take on a full-time employee? For any small business hiring a new employee is a big decision and can put a big strain on resources. There are risks involved with not finding the right person or hiring someone just to see them quit after a short time.

However, small businesses looking for extra help can look for alternatives to hiring for a full-time or even a part time position. Hiring a freelancer may be the right answer because they operate as independent small businesses in their own right, leveraging their own skills and experience as their core asset. Freelancers are great for a short term project or part time work. With freelance revolution under way, you'll just be one of the millions of businesses jumping on the freelance bandwagon.

Most small businesses are comfortable to hire a freelancer for a web-site design, writing or some other technology related tasks. But what about less technical work such as accounting, marketing plan development, customer service, HR or other roles? Can these be done by a freelancer? Where do you find someone experienced and available?

The answer may be not that far but you may consider someone who has already retired. Have you considered engaging a Baby Boomer for a project? Indeed, with more and more Baby Boomers joining the ranks of freelancers it may be the right solution to your talent problem.

There are clear advantages to hiring a Boomer for your needs but you need to look past misconceptions about their abilities, attitude and desire to work part time.

1. Wealth of Experience

Without a doubt Boomers bring a wealth of experience gained throughout their long career. Many of them worked in their field for 30+ years and have expertise that can instantly add value to your business. They know not only what to do, but how to it.

2. Strong work ethic

Boomers have incredible work ethic. As a generation they exhibited dedication to their work, focus on quality and great attention spans. Even when they are not be working on something that they wholeheartedly are interested in, they still roll up their sleeves, dig deep and get the job done. For them doing it right is more important than doing it quick to get an instant gratification or moving to the next gig.

3. Technology Savvy

While many of us would not think of Baby Boomers as technology savvy, many of them are. They are the most rapidly growing segment of the population on social media platforms, they are adopting mobile technology, tablets, wearable devices and other technologies just as energetically as younger users. Boomers have seen how technology can transform the workspace and have a unique appreciation for the role of technology in achieving productivity.

4. Desire to work

Boomers want to stay engaged and continue to contribute in some way through work. Today’s 60+ years old are healthy and active. Medical research shows that working in retirement has long term health benefits, encouraging Boomers to seek out work opportunities. Recent AARP’s study found that almost 50% of Boomers see themselves working until the age of 70 or more.

5. Flexibility

However, they also do not want to work full-time but instead they are focused on opportunities that offer a good work/life balance. Unlike younger freelancers, Boomers are taking up part time gigs to supplement their retirement income. They are often able to do the work at a lower price than anyone else and be more flexible with schedules. They also have medical benefits, reducing the pressure to find full-time work to earn enough income.

6. Collaborative approach

Boomers are great at managing and dealing with multi-generational teams. Whether in their families or at their prior employment they have experienced first-hand how to manage teams that have representatives of multiple generations. They can be a great addition to your organization bringing the needed perspectives and balancing out your team.

7. Network

Lastly Boomers are great at networking which you can put to use for your business. After working in their respective fields for many years and having achieved managerial positions they are eager to leverage their social capital in their encore part time freelance career. They are genuinely interested in helping out and making an impact. You can count on them as members of your team to bring forward ideas and, if needed, recommend someone whom they know.

All said Baby Boomers can be of great help to any small business that is seeking experienced resources on a part time basis. And because as freelancers they are focused on building their own business, your success is a key contributor to their long-term success as well.

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