Best Freelance Opportunities

It is well publicized that Boomers are redefining retirement by staying active and working well past traditional retirement age of 65. However, full-time work is not the right solution for many as we and many other organizations focusing on Boomer employment have noted. After 30-40 years in the labor force, many would like to slow down a little, take care of their family and enjoy fruits of their savings. Flexible work, freelancing or part-time jobs are a much better solution for anyone wanting to keep working but still savor this stage of life.

Such opportunities are not easy to find. First of all, many businesses are simply not prepared to help their Boomer employees to transition to part-time work. Those that are ready to take Boomers on as part time freelancers often do not have a well-defined way to engage.

On the other hand, when Boomers search for work in retirement options, they are likely to find plenty of advice on how to become a blogger, creative writer or some other similar occupations. While these jobs are seemingly easy, they are not the right solution for a large majority of Boomers. They require a particular set of skills and often take a long time to pay off.

Unfortunately, the work-at-home or telecommuting part time job dream is also a target for scammers looking to separate Boomers from their money, often by collecting money upfront for equipment or information they claim is necessary for their work-at-home “opportunity.” Anyone looking for a part-time work should not be required to pay upfront. Boomers should also take care to learn about the company that is posting a job to make sure it is a legitimate business. At Almarelo we do not require any upfront fees or ask to share any personal information beyond what many Boomers have already posted on other professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

So what are some other options, more realistic and better fit to the needs of today’s active retirees? In considering their options, Boomers should focus on roes that are at the intersection of skills, experience and flexibility. They should seek jobs that can be done through telecommuting rather than require being in the office. Lastly, they should look for these opportunities on platforms where they will not be competing with freelancers from other countries such as India or China. Luckily there are plenty of choices.

Professional-level part-time freelance positions are one of the best-kept secrets of the job market. There is a wide variety of such opportunities and many of them require the kind of experience that Boomers have to offer. Many of these freelance opportunities require good communication skills, professional experience, some technology skills and most importantly, dedication.

By understanding the scams and being able to separate “too good to be true” from real opportunities, Boomers will find plenty of freelance opportunities that fit their needs. It is also worth noting that many of these opportunities exist among small businesses. Here are a few options that would fit many, provide good work/life balance and help to supplement retirement income:

Virtual Assistants

Many small businesses need office assistants but often cannot afford one. A virtual assistant does a lot of the same things an in-office assistant would do but they do it through telecommunication. Good organizational skills, attention to detail and some basic computer skills are often the only requirements to be a virtual assistant. There are numerous certification courses on-line for this type of work that help in mastering it.

Customer Experience Managers

Small businesses also often need help in dealing with costumer requests or questions. Boomers that are comfortable interacting with customers can find these roles to be particularly rewarding. As a customer experience managers they can answer queries, deal with issues and collect feedback that they will feed back to the company. Boomers can add their own perspectives to client feedback and make their inputs even more valuable for their clients. Added benefit would be to work for a business that develops products or services for Boomers.

Social Media Specialist

Boomers are the fastest growing demographic on social media platforms such as Facebook. They can turn this to a job that provides flexibility and pays well. Everyone small business owner realizes they need a social media presence to promote their products and increase their customer base. But being active on Facebook or other sites requires time and effort that not every small business owner can allocate. That's where Boomers can step in and help their clients to build their professional brand. Boomers themselves are on the receiving end of marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. As social media specialists Boomers can attract new fans on Facebook, then encourage them to click through to the client’s website and, ultimately, become a customer. Helping small businesses to manage an on-line brand can be very rewarding.

Local Sales Agents

Many entrepreneurs running a small business struggle balancing their time between finding new sales opportunities and servicing their existing customers. They are often also limited in terms of geographic areas they can cover. As a local sales agent Boomers can offer up a valuable service. They can visit prospective customers, engage them and help their clients to land new business. There are cloud based tools that can help keep track of all sales activities. Reward is directly tied to your ability and desire to look for new sales leads.

Insurance Agents

Anyone willing to invest some time and effort to get a license, part- or full-time contract insurance agent role can result in significant income stream. Whether working for a local insurance agency or staffing for large insurance carriers during their peak seasons, licensed contract insurance agents are sure to keep busy. Contract insurance agents also have flexible schedule and can work as much as they need to maintain the right work/life balance.

Other freelance opportunities are available to accountants/bookkeepers, engineers, trainers and other professionals. Continuing to work well into retirement is the plan of many Boomers. With such a wide variety of freelancing opportunities to choose from, it’s possible to find work that is enjoyable and financially rewarding.

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