5 Important Technologies to Get Familiar With

Many Boomers today are looking to for work opportunities to revitalize their finances or find ways to stay active. Those seeking extra income are worried about how long their retirement funds will last and whether they will be able to support themselves as they age. Some were hit by the recession and lost their jobs which they did not regain, some are supporting their elder parents or kids. For many Boomers extra income also means being able to afford a vacation, travel, going out more or doing other things that would otherwise stretch their finances. Those who are less concerned about money often want the challenge of a new career or want to stay active, interact with people and leverage their skills. Whatever the reason, technology is key to success in finding and doing part time work.

Despite common stereotypes, Boomers are not averse to technology. Quite the opposite, they embrace technology in their daily lives. Majority own a smart phone, engage on social media platforms and use health technology. But many do not think of how technology can help them in either finding jobs or actually competing with the younger generations that are much more technologically savvy.

To be successful in the new economy, Boomers must embrace technology and invest time to stay up to date with the latest tools. Whether they are launching an on-line business or working part time for a company, being technology savvy will go a long way to securing extra income. Here are a few types of technology that Boomers must understand and adopt:

The Cloud

The cloud has taken the technology and entrepreneur worlds by storm. Many Boomers are exposed to the cloud in their everyday lives. The cloud refers to the ability to store your data (documents, photos, etc.) on the Internet. But the cloud is also a great productivity tool. Not only do cloud storages (such as Google Drive or Dropbox) save you money on storage, but it also allows you to access your documents from anywhere. If you are working on something, you can start one document on your home computer, make revisions on your tablet while sitting at the airport, and read a final version on your smartphone while visiting your grandchildren. Being comfortable with the cloud will make your services much more attractive to prospective employers or clients because they are moving their technology to the cloud. You will be more efficient with your time and your money, which can greatly enhance your bottom line.

Time and Task Management

One of the biggest concerns for Boomers that are working part time is how to keep track of everything they need to do in their busy lives. It is particularly difficult to keep track of work related tasks when not in the office. Fortunately there are many technology tools available today to solve this challenge. For example, tools such as asana or hitask offer free tools to create and manage tasks. Most of these tools offer a free version that will provide an active Boomer with pretty much all they need to organize their day. Best of all, you can download an app that you can take anywhere on your phone. Days of “to do’s” scribbled on a piece of paper are gone.


Collaboration technology today moved way past email. While Boomers are using tools such as Facetime in their daily lives, many would not think of how to apply these for their work. But with rise in telecommuting, being able to work outside of the office is key to a successful encore career. Online tools such as Google Hangouts, Skype and other similar technologies offer Boomers a wide range of choices to work together with a remote client. It is possible to share documents, have a presentation, discuss ideas and hold a video conference from virtually anywhere.


Tablets are one of the preferred technologies of Boomers. With its larger screen and touch technology, tablets are easier to read and navigate than smartphones and laptops. A tablet gives them access to all their favorite apps (such as email and social media) while making it possible to take your business with you on the road. This is key for Boomers who want spend time visiting family or exploring different areas of the world while staying engaged and doing some work. Just imagine yourself relaxing at your favorite seaside retreat while helping your clients or managing your own business! With a tablet you can easily turn your favorite hobby into a lucrative venture.


Boomers that are not full time employed by a company do not have access to on-the-job training. This may mean that many of their skills or knowledge will become outdated in a short period of time as technology moves fast. Keeping up to date is key. If you have used any software in your prior job or heard from your friends about the newest developments, you need to stay current. Luckily the internet is full of resources for Boomers wanting to learn about latest technologies. YouTube is a great starting place where you can see tutorials on a wide range of topics, from basic to some fairly advanced. Many on-line education platforms such as Lynda.com or Coursera offer online classes that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. There are no excuses for not learning!

Financial security is never more important than during your Boomer years and being in control is key. Boomers looking to work in retirement have to embrace technology and turn it to their advantage. Platforms such as the one built by Almarelo brings many of these technology advancements (the cloud, collaboration, task and time management) into one place. It is the time to take your skills, your work ethics, your ability to get things done and find ways to make money in order to live comfortably during your senior years. Technology will give your income that boost that it deserves.

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