How to create a self-marketing plan in 1 hour.

Boomers are a valuable demographic to every marketer. As a collective they represent a significant part of the population, have substantial disposable income and are ready to enjoy life’s pleasures after a long career. They have extended families that often rely on their support. Because of this, many companies are targeting Boomers as consumers for their products and services. Vacations, insurance, entertainment and dining are some of the examples of offers that every Boomer gets in their email or mail. There is a whole industry focusing on how to market to Boomers.

What about helping Boomers market themselves? Very few are focused on helping them to stay active and engaged in some work related activity that provides some income. It is somehow assumed that once retired, Boomers will immediately transition from being productive workers to being happy consumers. However, with increased life expectancy, higher cost of living and mediocre returns on savings, many Boomers must consider how to stretch their savings to support them in a long term.

Full-time work is often not the right solution because of health reasons or simple desire to spend a little more time with the family or enjoying things that were planned while working. Recently we interviewed one of our friends who worked in specialty construction. While he needs to work, he was quite focused on finding ways to spend with his 7 year old grandson. His iPhone was full of pictures of this little guy.

Many need part time work but get started along this path requires an assessment of “marketable skills”. Finding part time freelance opportunities requires a different approach than simply posting your resume online or sending it in response to an ad on a job board. This is especially true if you want to focus on working for small business clients. If you are not sure about how to start, here are 4 simple steps that will help you to find the way to market yourself:

1. Make an inventory

Find an hour in your day and a pack of post-it notes. On each note write down skills that you have. It is easy to think of hard skills, such as accounting or data entry. However, it is also important to capture your soft skills - personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. In short, these are the skills you possess, that you can’t necessarily quantify (e.g. motivated, good in working with people, good negotiator, etc.) Do not worry if this task seems daunting – you can add more to the list later.

2. List your wins

Think of specific wins in your past work that you achieved using your skills – hard and soft. Think of a challenging thing at work, or a time when you felt particularly accomplished with something you worked on. Every win probably required more than one skill and you were able to blend them to achieve what you achieved.

3. Find what you enjoyed

Now from the list of skills and wins select the ones that you enjoyed the most. It may not be an easy task if you are looking back at a long career. But do not skip this step as it will help you to focus your attention on what you want to do for your encore career. More importantly, think if you can repeat this win today or if you need to brush up on some of the skills that you used.

4. Make a pitch

Craft one sentence description of what you can and want to do. Phrase it in such a way as to make your prospective clients instantly see how they can use your help. For example, you can say that you can “I will manage a small office” or “I will conduct a market research for a consumer product”. Each one of these requires multiple hard and soft skills but you are now packaging them in an easy to understand way. Prepare a 30 second description of why you are particularly good at whatever you select. You can also use this opportunity to think about what you need to learn more to become even better. You may consider taking a quick on-line course or speaking to someone who is an expert.

What's next?

Your pitch is what you can use to look for opportunities and engage in a discussion with clients. You are now ready to take your first step in building your encore career doing what you do best and enjoying it. You can find on-line platforms like Almarelo and create your profile to start your search.

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