Tidal wave of opportunities working online - are you ready?

If you have been working for the past 30+ years, I am sure you have all seen how the nature of work has changed. Welcome to the future of work!

In many ways the world of work as Baby Boomers knew is changing profoundly. Baby Boomers distinguished themselves as a hardworking, dedicated and diligent employees during the 80’s, 90’s and early part of 2000’s. Many spent years working for a single business, slowly climbing the corporate ladder.

However, as technology became more advanced and businesses of all sizes started to engage with part time freelancers for short term projects, the nature of work has changed and is continuing to evolve. More and more opportunities are open on-line to be performed by non-employees with the right skills.

This is great news! It means there is a growing number of opportunities for Baby Boomers to earn a part-time or full-time income while they also get to enjoy their retirement and live anywhere in the world.

A recent report from accounting software publisher Intuit estimates that in 4 years (by 2020) more than 40% of all “jobs” in the US economy will performed by “contingent workers,” or better called “freelancers.”

The search is on!

Small and large businesses today are looking for ways to figure out how to have fewer employees while maintaining or growing their business. Some of the hottest technology firms seem to have figured out a way to achieve this. Consider examples of Uber or Lyft. They create many jobs but have few employees since they depend on massive networks of independent drivers.

Many businesses are looking to replicate this success and take advantage of the new ways people work. And they are not just hiring IT workers, but editors, sales representatives, insurance agents, accountants, Human Resources professionals, marketers, writers, administrative assistants and literally thousands of other occupations and skills that are not technical by nature.

If you firmly grasp this concept you can position yourself right to ride this wave and earn income working on-line.

Wide field of opportunities.

Until very recently the thought that a non-technology work can be performed work online by a remote worker was pretty much a fantasy. But today, things have changed dramatically.

The demand for people with non-technical skills who are willing to work online is soaring. Companies are really looking for are people with good and right experience, verbal, listening, thinking and conversational skills. Millions of retired Baby Boomers fit these criteria. In other words, companies are looking for people like you!

Where do you fit in?

So what kind of skills are in demand today? Many companies want freelancers who can work outside of the office and online doing jobs that require just basic computer skills like sending emails and filling in forms. They are also open for freelancers to perform administrative tasks, doing accounting, managing customer relations and many other tasks.

Many of these jobs are popping up every day on freelance web-sites. As online talent marketplace platforms grow in importance and size, they can become an invaluable tool for the Baby Boomers wanting to stay active while in retirement.

These opportunities are open to virtually anyone. Key is that the companies expect their freelancers to be diligent, honest and skilled to perform the task at hand.

So here's what you need to know — there is massive and growing opportunity in the freelance sector for anyone who wants to work online. If you have a desire or a need to work, you just have to know what you want to do and the best way to find the right opportunity that fits your needs, skills and lifestyle.

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