The New Way to work. solve. succeed.

We launched Almarelo because we believe we stand at the cusp of a dramatic change in the way we work. A lot has been said recently in the press about the emerging Gig economy. Experts and academics argue pros and cons, but facts remain facts - we are all going to work differently in the not too distant future.

Small businesses need flexibility to tap into the resources when they need them and for a particular assignment. Large portions of our population would like to have the flexibility to work whenever, wherever and for whomever they want to meet their lifestyle needs. Baby Boomers, stay at home caregivers, veterans, and many other segments of our labor force are learning to work in a new way. Some do it to supplement their income, some to stay active, and some to try new things. Whatever your reason you need an online platform that is secure and flexible to succeed.

Meet the Team

Founders have 60+ years of experience in the professional services industry and technology. They have an in-depth understanding of how to succeed in a Gig Economy using technology, social marketing and collaborative engagement style.

Elie Cohen

Co-founder and COO

Elie is Almarelo’s co-founder in charge of operations and channel management. Elie brings sound business acumen and strong leadership skills necessary to grow and support Almarelo’s development strategy. He has deep business and technology expertise in the financial services sector. Elie has been pivotal in building significant partnerships with a number of major US and Global technology vendors. Prior to Almarelo Elie has been leading the Business Development and Marketing efforts at OTCFin and he was the Partner at Investance. In 2005, he initiated the Investance Americas branch in New York City and expanded the company’s activity for major financial institutions in the US and in Canada until 2013. Since 2013, Mr Cohen has been the chairman of the Rainbow Israel foundation supporting education programs for children in need, and social support for elderly in need regardless of their religion, race or gender. He holds a Master Degree in Computer Science from University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne in France.