Baby Boomers and Freelance Economy

Important question for 76 million Baby Boomers in the US is how to stay active and engaged during the retirement. Working is a key part of active retirement. But can they succeed in today's workplace that is moving more toward freelance economy?

Winning small business clients

Marketing and pitching services to small businesses requires a very specific strategy and approach. Even though small businesses coming to an online services platform such as Almarelo are looking for freelance help, proposing your services to a small business requires a different approach and mindset than pitching to a larger company. In order to win a small business client over and earn fair compensation, one has to understand their priorities and be able to adjust their marketing approach

Future of work

Can small businesses benefit from new technologies that are changing the way we work? Yes, if they follow a few simple steps in a disciplined way.

7 Keys to Success as a Freelancer.

You have had a successful career and after many years you have joined the ranks of your peer Baby Boomers enjoying retirement. But you are full of energy, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. If you have been thinking about doing some freelance work but unsure where to start, you are not alone.