Boomer Women - tackling retirement challenges?

Do you know that only 30% of Boomer women are confident in their retirement readiness, that women over 65 received $12,520 in average Social Security income compared to $16,398 for men or that on average they have 50% less than men in their company sponsored retirement accounts? Increased life expectancy coupled with financial challenges may require them to think about finding ways to earn income while balancing their other needs.

Ready to start?

There are some encouraging news for Boomers considering options for their encore act. While they have heard and read about the rise of the Gig Economy, surprisingly many are not actively exploring how to take advantage of this new trend. Here are some common resevations and ways to overcome them.

Rise of one person business

Advances in technology have put the dream of running own business well within the reach of many. Despite some negative press, the Gig Economy is here to stay and fundametally reshape the way economy works, leading to the rise of one person business.

Making the most from the gig economy

When you hear the term “Gig Economy”, most likely you think of Uber, Lyft or Airbnb. Probably all of us have seen TV commercials for these companies. However, as we enter 2017 you would benefit from changing your opinion and realizing that the gig economy isn’t just about ride-sharing services and small odd tasks. Smart business owners are taking advantage of changes in the labor markets to gain access and engage highly qualified knowledge workers — and, with some will and a little preparation, you can too.

10 suggestions for a successful freelance hire

As our labor markets change and technology advances, working with freelancers is becoming an essential part of operating a business. Many small business owners are not prepared to tap into the massive pool of experienced resources available on-demand. By understanding as much as possible about what your business needs to work with freelancers, they can save money and boost growth of their business.

Phased approach to launch of encore career

Faced with retirement of many of their most experienced workers, businesses are starting to implement phased retirement programs through which employees can work part time. While these programs are of great value for businesses and Boomers, they also can help Boomers to launch their encore career as freelancers, opening doors to many new and exciting opportunities.

7 Reasons you should consider Boomers for your small busuness

Need an experienced help or new talent to boost your business but don't have the resources or desire to take on a full-time employee? Have you considered engaging a Baby Boomer for a project? Indeed, with more and more Baby Boomers joining the ranks of freelancers it may be the right solution to your talent problem.

Understanding employment options

Boomers seeking work after their full-time career now have a few employment options. Understanding the difference between part-time employment, independent contracting and freelancing may help to choose the best path for their encore careers.

How to get started in freelancing

Having a part-time work that provides some regular flow of income is a dream-come-true for Boomers. But many stumble in their search when faced with low rates on online sites or bad jobs on job boards. It is not all bad news though when this information is used the right way.

Building the right partnerships

Finding and establishing the right relationships early on can help enterprising Boomers to build a successful freelance business in the long term. There are a few things to bear in mind though

What is the "Gig Economy"?

If you have heard the term "gig economy", you might think it is for younger generation. But if you think about it, the gig economy might be better suited for Boomers.

Planning Your Encore Career

When is the right time to start planning the next phase in your career and where to start? As Boomers prepare to transition into semi-retirement, proper planning will help to ensure a smooth transition.

How to grab attention in 30 seconds?

When looking for work opportunities, especially freelance or part time, it is important to stand out from the crowd and get attention of prospective clients. Well-formed brief summary goes a long way to being noticed.

5 things to consider for your first freelance project

Did you considered doing some independent freelancing work to support your income, stay engaged or maybe even pursue your passion? If you have never been a freelancer or done project work, it looks very daunting to start. But with right tools and advice you can be on your way to successful encore career.

Freelancing in retirement - 10 reasons to start

Having reached retirement after a long and productive career, it may be difficult to think about working again. However if you, like millions of other Boomers, have to work for economic reasons or simply desire to stay active, there are great advantages in launching a new freelancing professional career. Here are 10 great rasons to start.

4 Tips for a Successful Onboarding

Every small business can benefit greatly from engaging expert help on part time basis. Using freelancers, in particular experienced senior professionals, is a lower cost solution that can provide a needed boost to your business. However, without a well thought through onboarding plan, they may not be an effective addition to your team.

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