Frequently Asked Questions

While we are working on development of our platform, the following questions came up multiple times in our discussions with clients, colleagues, investors and friends.

Anyone can sign-up to our platform for free. Buyers can post projects for free and professionals can set up their profile for free.

We do not set prices and we do not get involved in negotiations between buyers and and service providers. We encourage users to quote and accept reasonable prices as dictated by the market. Premium users of Almarelo may see aggregate prices and rates for services performed on our platform.

We provide a platform and tools for the contracting parties to engage and collaborate during their engagement. All contractual relationships are between buyers and providers of services. Almarelo charges based on the contract amount for the use of the platform and services it provides.

Buyers and service providers agree to a set of milestones during the negotiations phase. Almarelo has partnered with an external escrow service. Before service provider starts work on a milestone, required funds are posted in an escrow, giving assurances to both parties. Escrow is released when milestones are completed and accepted by the buyer.

Disputes between buyers and service providers can be resolved in a number of ways depending on the nature of the dispute. Almarelo considers all projects awarded on its platform to be binding contracts.